In drilling process, we have to provide power supply to steering and control modules, and other sensors, and electronic units for electronic measurement assembly, rotary steering system (RSS). Traditional use of Lithium Battery for power supply has low power capacity, short service life, and may be explode in case of maloperation, which can not meet the requirement of oilwell drilling.

The Downhole Mud Generator that we jointly developed with research institute is featured as high power output, high temperature resistance, long service life (theoretically the service life is not limited). It is user friendly, and only a few consumables will be replaced in case of maintenance. The main equipment will be used repeatedly.


Model: LP-100, LP-300, LP-500

Output Power: 100W, 300W, 500W.

Output Voltage: 48V

Flow Rate: 20 - 40 L/S, 30-55 L/S

Temperature: less than 150°C

Pressure: Max 120MPa

Applicable Drill Collar: 165mm, 171.4mm

Body Length: 1500mm/1800mm

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